The New Earth-Planet Discovered Range of Astronomers


Another new Earth as like planet have been discovered, prompting the new question of whether the universe is beset with millions of planets similar to our own. Astronomers with the University of Hawaii have apparently discovered 5 planets just 12 light years away. According to astronomers, Tau Ceti the star just about which the planets track now tops the list of best probable places to search for alien life.

The star’s space places it just 3 times as far as our suns adjacent stellar neighbor, Alpha Centauri. Its 5 planets are estimated to have masses between 2 and 6 times the mass of the Earth creation it the lowest-mass terrestrial system yet detected. 

The international group of astronomers, from the UK, Chile, the USA, and Australia, joint more than 6000 observations from 3 different instruments and intensively modeled the data. Using latest techniques, the team has established a method to detect signals half the size formerly thought possible.

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