NASA Scientists Found Ice On Mercury

Mercury may be a boiling hunk of rock just next door to the hot sun, but planetary scientists have exposed nearly pure frozen water and even some natural material in the planet's frigid Polar Regions.The findings as of the Messenger spacecraft orbiting the planet cap the decades long look for for water on the second-hottest planet in the solar system and may assist scientists better appreciate the origins of the molecular structure blocks for life on Earth.

Before the Messenger spacecraft dropped into track in March 2011, Mercury remained incredible of an enigma. The Arecibo radio get smaller in Puerto Rico detected bright, shiny spot on the planet's surface in 1991, which scientists interpret as a strong sign of ice-covered water. These spots appear to map well with some of the indistinct parts of polar craters that were glimpsed in the 1970s by the Mariner 10 spacecraft, which saying only about partially of the planet's surface.

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