Mark in Record on Russian Space Agency Celebrating 15 Years

In 1998, was a day to mark in history. The Russian Space Agency, now known as Roscosmos, launch a Proton sky rocket that lifted the under pressure module called Zarya, or “sunrise,” into orbit to this launch would really be alive to the dawn of the largest international teamwork effort in space to ever come to light.

The Zarya was the first piece of the International Space Station to furthermore known as the Functional Cargo Block (FGB), it would provide a nucleus of orientation control, relations and electrical power while the station waited for its other elements, as well as the Zvezda service module and Unity.

We were in the manage center in Houston that night to watch Zarya launch, along with a good quality number of people from the program, said Bill Bastedo, who is at this time senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton at the time, Bastedo had the technically demanding task of launch pack up manager for Unity, also known as Node 1. “It was truly, for us, exciting to have Zarya on orbit so we can get our chance to effect our mission.”

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