NASA Satellite sends a spacecraft to study Stuff about Jupiter

For the most part of NASA’s workers have been deemed non-essential by the lay off, but that doesn’t mean that the space organization is sitting around twiddle their thumbs in the meantime to in fact, they’re still available forward with their Juno Mission today, for the period of which they plan to send a spacecraft to Jupiter by swinging it in the region of Earth to build up the needed momentum.

A clock it at 8,000 lbs, the Juno Satelitte is on a 5-year assignment to boldly go to Jupiter so that we can study the planet’s atmosphere, gravitational and magnetic field was first launch in August 2011 with the help of the Atlas 5 Rocket, which make available half the boost Juno needs to get to the Jovian planet to this flyby just about Earth will supply the other half of the boost, and will increase speed the spacecraft by about 16,330 mph of all goes according to plan, Juno will be the opening solar-powered probe ever to stay the outer solar system.

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