NASA's Cassini Mission Shows

The huge storm that erupted on Saturn in late 2010 as big as any storm ever observed on the ringed planet has previously overcome researchers with its power and long-lived turbulence and a new paper in the journal Icarus make known an additional facet of the storm's explosive power its facility to mix up water ice from great depths to this finding, resulting from near-infrared measurements by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, is the first discovery at Saturn of water ice in the water originates from deep in Saturn's impression.

The fresh finding from Cassini confirm that Saturn can dredge up material from more than 100 miles 160 kilometers, said Kevin Baines, a co-author of the article who works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif and it demonstrates in a extremely real sense that classically demure-looking Saturn can be just as likely to explode or even extra so than typically stormy Jupiter to the water ice, which originates from deep in the atmosphere of gas giants, doesn't show to be lofted as high at Jupiter.

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