The Earth And The Moon Shaped Analyzed By NASA

The interior of the moon is covered into a hard, outer crust, a rigid outer mantle, a semi-rigid inner mantle, and a core. The interior of the moon is cooler than the center of the Earth. While the moon is so tiny it loses its heat rapidly into space. Since the Earth and the moon shaped, the moon has cooled down much extra than the Earth.

The moon's surface is so dry, dusty and rocky place. The rocky crust is about 37 miles (60 km) broad on the side of the moon that faces Earth and about 62 miles (100 km) thick on the reverse side of the Moon. Radioactive dating of moon rocks from NASA's Apollo task dates the construction of the moon from about 4.3 billion years ago (about 60 million years after the construction of the Earth). Moon rocks that have been analyzed by NASA are parallel to Earth rocks, but are richer in the basics aluminum and titanium.

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