NASA Developed Orion spaceship- Test Flight 2014

Orion space capsule life form developed to fly astronauts to asteroids, the moon and finally to Mars arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a 2014 test air travel. The spacecraft, built by Lockheed-Martin, is embattled for launch aboard an unmanned Delta 4 Heavy rocket as of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, contiguous to the NASA spaceport.

A second test air travel in 2017 using NASA's planned huge-lift Space Launch System rocket is planned to put an unmanned Orion capsule around the light moon. The third test air travel, targeted for 2021, is probable to include astronauts.

 By 2025, NASA intends to send astronauts to explore a near Earth asteroid and then top on to Mars in the 2030s.Humans have not fly beyond a few hundred miles over Earth since 1972 when the Apollo missions to the moon finished. With the departure of the space shuttle last summer, NASA is dependent on Russia to fly crews to the space station, a $100 billion project of 15 countries that orbits about 240 miles over the planet.

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