An Asteroid Signal The Earth In Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

The mass destruction of dinosaurs by a huge asteroid was made worse because it destroyed the fragile food chain,lessons that recent man should learn, a study warned.More than 65million years ago a mountain-sized asteroid plunged into the earth in Mexico wiping out many species counting the dinosaurs and ending the Cretaceous Period of Earthhistory. The study found the food chain was previously under sprain before the asteroid hit and could not survive with the calamity as plant life died off.

They warned man's utilization of the earth possessions could place humanity in the same peril as we stress the planet with mono crops and drive to disappearance animals, plant life and marine species. Scientists examining the brunt zone of the now-buried Chicxulub cavern on the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula said it had wide scattering knock on effects.


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