Nasa:plan to launch "satellite smartphones" in space

NASA has now cracked a future plan they planned to send a compact satellites in the space orbit by using the technology of smartphones.They named it has PhoneSat and uses a Nexus S handset especially made for the advantage of using Android software. PhoneSat is a technique to send the satellites into space orbits.According to Nasa , they revealed that these type of satellites will be very low cost and easy to construct which will make through the Google’s Android operating system.

The main determination behind PhoneSat is that NASA need to use the affordable capabilities and the fine technology that sticked with this smartphones.Mainly the smartphones are loaded with multiple miniature sensors and various operating systems with fast processors.

They planed to launch three smartphones in the outer orbits. The basic work function which is carried out by these smartphones in the outer space is to be taking high resolution images about the space research. The first test carried out by NASA had a cost nearly around $3,500 to launch this mission,  and a Nexus One S smartphone are used in the experiment.

Before that NASA had gave challenge for the purpose of finding a person who could prepare and deliver the best application for the PhoneSat to use in space orbit. For that NASA put certain conditions and give some instructions for the application developers like, the application must include an altitude determination and a monitor for checking radiation levels,  a star tracker and a fire locator etc. They planned to send three  PhoneSat systems that is smartphones will be covered by small metal box to protect from radiations in the space with the help of Antares rocket they will send later this year.

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