Orbital Sciences Corporation announced that its PegasusR rocket earlier today effectively launched the Nuclear Spectroscopic Array Telescope satellite for the NASA into its intended range.  Early on results indicate that the NuSTAR satellite is operating as anticipated at this period of its mission.

Orbital planned, manufactured and tested the NuSTAR satellite at its Dulles, VA satellite manufacturing capability. According Mr. Ron Grabe, Orbital's Executive Vice President and General Manager of its Launch Systems Group, We are very pleased to support NASA and JPL on this important scientific project

Throughout its mission, NuSTAR will use high-energy x-rays to detect black holes and other lively phenomenon in the cosmos with the reason of mounting our understanding of the origins and destinies of stars and galaxies.  NuSTAR will have more than one hundred times the sensitivity of previous instruments to notice black holes and will be the first focusing hard x-ray telescope in space. Pegasus is the world's leading launch system for the deployment of small satellites into low-Earth orbit.

 It remains the world's only small space launch vehicle that is certified with NASA's consignment Risk Category 3, which the space agency reserves for its highest value space missions.

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