Smithsonian Channel to Air Special 'Arthur Christmas' Segment Featuring NASA Spinoff Technology

Arthur Christmas

Have you ever been curious about where all the technology in your school, home, car, computer, or office comes from? You might be surprised that a great percentage of the technology we rely on each day was developed or enhanced by NASA. We all know about NASA's outstanding accomplishments in space, but few of us know just how much the space agency has accomplished right here at home. Except for Arthur. Arthur Christmas, that is.

This year in the holiday release of Arthur Christmas, Santa's North Pole has turned to high technology to run a precise operation in getting billions of gifts delivered around the world. Run by thousands of computer-savvy elves, the North Pole uses NASA-style technology to track the delivery of gifts around the Earth as they are being delivered by Santa's high speed S-1. The S-1 is a giant spacecraft in the shape of a sleigh.

"This was an exciting opportunity for us to have real examples of space technology being used right here on Earth featured in a family holiday film," said Daniel Lockney, NASA's technology transfer program executive at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "NASA is constantly creating innovative technologies to enable our current and future missions. Many of these technologies get further developed and turned into consumer products by American industries, creating jobs, fueling the economy, and saving and improving lives around the planet."

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