NASA Chat: Green Flight Challenge!

Green Flight

The "wild blue yonder" is about to get a color change. From Sept. 25 to Oct. 3, 2011, innovative companies will come together in Santa Rosa, Calif., to compete in the third Green Flight Challenge, part of NASA's year-long Centennial Challenge Series.

The excitement goes beyond the $1.65 million of NASA-funded prize money at stake -- the ultimate goal is for energy-efficient, quiet, green-friendly flight solutions for the future.Energy-efficient, quiet, green-friendly flight solutions. That may sound simple until you read the stringent rules and specifications for the 2011 Green Flight Challenge.

Aircraft in the competition are required to fly 200 miles in less than two hours; reach an average speed of at least 100 mph; take off at a distance of less than 2,000 feet to clear a 50-foot obstacle; deliver a decibel rating of less than 78 dBA at full-power takeoff -- all while using less than one gallon of gasoline per occupant!

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